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Finding The Right Fishing Charter For Your Vacation: Three Things To Consider

by Lloyd Pearson

Spending a day on a fishing charter can be a fun and exciting way to spend time during your vacation. There are many different options for chartering a boat, so you'll want to determine which type of charter is right for you and your traveling companions. Use this guide to help find the right fishing adventure.

Types Of Fishing Charter Trips

Depending on where you will be fishing, there will be different options for fishing trips. Deep-water fishing takes more time, as you'll have to journey farther from the short to reach the desired fishing location. Inshore fishing keeps you closer to the shoreline, and it is ideal for shorter trips. Offshore fishing offers a chance to explore beyond the shoreline without venturing into the deep sea. Talk to your charter fishing company about how long each trip will be, on average, so you can determine which option you have the most time to enjoy.

Types Of Fish Available

Each type of fishing charter gives you access to a range of fish. If there is a particular type of fish you wish to catch, discuss this with your charter company. The captain can use this information to determine the course for your boating adventure, and this information will also help you to determine which type of fishing charter trip to take. For example. black sea bass can be found on inshore fishing trips, while blue marlins are found in deep waters. You may also want to ask about which types of marine life you may see on your trip, such as dolphins or whales.

Available Boat Amenities

Part of making your day of fishing memorable is ensuring you have a comfortable boat. When selecting a fishing charter, be sure to ask which amenities will be available on board the boat. For longer trips, you'll want to make sure there is a restroom available. You may also want to look for a boat that has a covered area on deck or a room below deck you can use to get shelter from the hot sun. Some boats have food and beverages for guests while others require you to bring your own sack lunch and beverages. If you are planning to keep your catch of the day instead of releasing it back into the water, ask about fish storage on the boat. Your charter company may even offer fish cleaning services once you get back to shore.

Once you have selected the right charter fishing option, ask about any deposits you'll need to put down to reserve the boat, and prepare for an exciting day on the water.