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What To Shop For During A Peruvian Vacation

by Lloyd Pearson

Peru is a paradise filled with amazing ancient sites, delicious food and welcoming residents. Many people travel to the South American nation just to tour the ruins of Machu Picchu but there is so much more to see and enjoy. A luxury tour of Peru or vacation makes it easy to experience the best of everything. Most custom tours include accommodations, transportation and hours of adventure and sightseeing. This makes it easy for travelers to only need enough cash for what they want to purchase. Here is what that cash should be spent on during a stay. 

Shop for Clothing

The most popular clothing items in Peru consist of scarves, sweaters and hats made by locals from Alpaca wool. Wool textiles from llama, guanacos and vicunas also fill the shelves. These products are much less expensive in Peru than when they are imported into the United States, but quality alpaca wool is never cheap. It is a thick wool that is even finer than quality cashmere. Most knit items come in distinct patterns made with brilliantly dyed colors. 

Try New Foods

Peru is notable for its wonderful cuisine and most luxury tours will include stops at restaurants with menus that feature the best the country has to offer. Visitors should be adventurous and take advantage of the popular dishes and other staples in this country. Alpaca mean and rotisserie roasted guinea pig are both popular offerings not normally seen in restaurants in the U.S. The most popular dish is ceviche. It is fresh, raw fish marinated in a tangy sauce made from chili peppers and citrus juice.

Sample Some Beverages

Cocoa leaves in tea is a popular beverage, but it is also used by locals to aid with the effects of being in a high altitude. This is especially helpful to people leaving for Machu Picchu. Other beverages include Inca Kola, or Golden Kola, a popular soft drink that many people claim tastes similar to cream soda. Pisco is another popular beverage. It is a local brandy made from distilled grape wine. 

Peruse the Crafts

The local villages and larger urban areas will all provide a wonderful opportunity for visitors to shop for crafts. handmade jewelry, usually made from silver or from harvested wild seeds, is a big seller. Hand painted gourds and paintings by local artists are also beautiful treasures. 

Luxury accommodations will often include the items that the average traveler needs to bring for themselves or purchase while in the country. The two most common are toilet tissue and bottled water. However, it is never a bad idea to make certain these necessities will be available throughout the trip. Another important item to remember is outdoor gear. Most important are good hiking boots and a comfortable rain jacket. These will be used on any outdoor adventure and it is not always possible to find good quality gear in all parts of Peru.