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3 Ways To See The Bahamas Besides The Beach/Hotel Combo

by Lloyd Pearson

The Bahamas are one of the most beautiful places in the world, which makes them a popular place to vacation. However, if you've gone down there several times and are looking for something different from the popular hotel resort and beach vacation, then change it up. While the Bahamas have amazing beaches, and it's fun to lay out and tan on the beach, sometimes you're looking for something more exciting. That said, here are three super fun alternatives to the beach/hotel combo that will show you a whole different side of the Bahamas.

Hike The Interior Trails on Grand Bahamas Island (Lucayan National Park and Cat Island)

Many people think of the beach and the ocean when they think of the Bahamas, but there are also some amazing interior sights to see. One place to check out is Lucayan National park, which is a 40 acre park right near the ocean. You can start at the beach and then hike inland and see the amazing biodiversity that exists on the island. You will see a beautiful mangrove wetland area and get to walk around on a elevated walkway that takes you past gorgeous pools of water.

If you head over to Cat Island, you will get the chance to hike up through the forest and follow a path up the highest mountain in all of the Bahamas (Mount Alvernia).

Scuba Dive The Blue Holes

If you're an avid scuba diver, then you need to check out the Blue Holes. These are gigantic underwater sinkholes that are often home to coral reefs. They will sometimes have huge cave systems and are always fascinating to look at. One of the deepest in the entire world is located in The Bahamas (Dean's Blue Hole). It's near Clarence Town, so you should take a boat over there and hook up with one of the SCUBA outfits that supply people with gear. You might also want to connect with a guide if you are not comfortable doing deep dives on your own. You can join a group that will have a number of people as well as an experienced guide.

Sail Around On A Private Crewed Charter

If you are not into hiking or diving, then you might like a private sailing charter. If you're going with a group of friends, you can hire a sailboat and have it crewed (so you don't need to worry about rigging it or dealing with the navigation) and then sail around the various little islands and see what you normally would never get the chance to see.

If you're going with your girlfriend or boyfriend (or husband/wife) and want something more intimate and romantic, you can arrange for a small, private chartered yacht to take you on a moonlit sail around the islands. You can arrange for a chef to come on board and serve a nice, romantic dinner. It's a wonderful way to see the sunset and get a view of the islands. You could even charter a nice, large sailboat with a sleeping cabin and arrange for a multi-day trip.

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