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Organized Fishing Vacations And Left The Poles At Home? No "Problem Solutions" To This Problem

by Lloyd Pearson

When you organize some big vacation that you have wanted to go on and have waited so long for, there is bound to be some hiccups in your plans. After all, it is not every day that you fly or drive somewhere to engage in pleasurable hobbies and activities and/or achieve "bucket list" dreams, and things do go wrong. However, when the "hiccup" in your trip is that you forgot your fishing poles at home and you are scheduled for one or more fishing vacations back to back, that can be quite the problem. Here are some "no problem!" solutions to forgetting the most important pieces of equipment for your trip(s).

Check with the Parks and Recreation Department at Your Destination

Some city parks and recreation departments offer fishing pole rentals for a day or a week. If the parks and rec department in the port city of your destination offers a similar benefit, you may want to look into this as an option. Usually, it is a first come, first served benefit reserved for the residents of that city first, but if there are poles available on the days you need them you may be able to reserve and rent them. Non-residents typically pay a higher price to rent the poles than residents, but it sure beats buying a few poles at brand-new prices.

Check with Your Fishing Charter Captain

Fishing charter captains frequently have a few extra fishing poles of their own tucked away in their boats. Additionally, if you are doing any sort of deep sea fishing, the poles will not be necessary anyway as you will need to use the deep sea fishing equipment the captain has on board. Either way, your "oops" travel moment will introduce you to other available poles offered to you for your use by your captain.

Find a Wholesale Seller of Fishing Rods and Reels

Coastal towns and places near large lakes often have a wholesale seller of fishing rods and reels. Even though you did not intend to buy new rods for your trip, you may just find a new rod from a wholesaler to be to your liking. Fishing supply stores may also offer a pole rental service, but you may have to purchase a new reel to use with it. If you are flying to where your charter departs, you will need to locate some of these places before your plane takes off or after it lands. If you drive, you have several more opportunities to find wholesale fishing supply stores on your way to the departure point and you can stop along the way.

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