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Want To Have A Wedding On A Small Budget? 4 Tips For Saving Money

by Lloyd Pearson

Some couples spend tens of thousands of dollars on their wedding to have an experience that is unforgettable, but this is not a requirement to have the same outcome. It all depends on the couple, and if you only have a small budget that you feel comfortable with spending, you can take advantage of numerous opportunities to avoid unnecessary expenses and have an incredible wedding.

Get a Family Member or Friend to Officiate

One of the best ways to cut costs is to avoid hiring a wedding officiant, which costs an average of $238. The most budget-friendly alternative is to guide a friend or family member to officiate. Each state has its own requirements, so you should do research on behalf of the person helping you. In most cases, they will be granted the title of temporary officiant, or they will have to get a one-day marriage designation. When the process is complete, you will have saved several hundred dollars for your efforts.

Start Dress Shopping Early

Shopping for a brand-new dress, especially late into the planning, is a recipe for spending a lot of money. If you are determined to get one that is new, you should contact your local wedding shops to see if they have sample dresses that are available at a discounted rate. Thrift stores are another option, but the selection is completely based on either donations or what people bring in to sell.

With dresses altered so often, you need to try a dress on to see if it fits. Also, since alterations can cost a decent amount of money, it is best for your budget when you can find a dress that already fits well.

Bake Your Own Cake

While you have the option to buy cake mix in a box, you can also make it from scratch with flour, baking powder, and white sugar, and then follow up with the wet ingredients that you would need to add either way. It may not amount to saving much, but buying these basic ingredients in bulk is typically cheaper than buying several boxes. Layering cakes is the easiest way to accommodate a medium to high guest count. All you need to have on hand to do this is a set of round cake pans for baking several layers.

Use Speakers in Your Home

Having the wedding at your home is an excellent way to save money. Instead of hiring a DJ, you can just take the speakers that you use for your computer or television and set them up for playing music. The rest only involves a smartphone to connect to the speakers and a music streaming service to make a playlist. 

By following some or all of the tips above, you can easily stay under your budget for your wedding.