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Five Fun Facts You May Not Have Known About Limousines

by Lloyd Pearson

Limousines have been the standard of luxury travel ever since they were first introduced to the public. While that may be something you already know about limousines, what you may not know is that the original limousine was just a big, black car. Even the word, "limousine," became synonymous with "big, black car." Things have certainly changed since the early days of this luxurious form of travel and transportation. Here are five more fun facts you may not have known about limousines.

Maximum Passenger Count

The standard limousine, which is just a luxury passenger car, typically holds about six passengers, give or take a couple. Sometimes that number includes the space up front by the chauffeur, and sometimes it does not, depending on which limo company you ask. A stretch limo can fit a maximum of about fifteen passengers, but that is based on the average size of most adults who are not carrying a few extra pounds or are exceedingly tall. A super-stretch can hold up to six more than the stretch limo, but again, that depends on passenger size.

Limousines Are No Longer Just Black

Many limos are still the traditional black color, but the company that manufactures these luxury cars also produces white limos too. If you are a celebrity that wants a custom limo in a custom color, the manufacturer may strike a deal with you, but it will cost you. In more recent years, gray limos have been spotted as well as the white and black ones.

Bullet-Proof Limos Did Not Exist Until the Kennedy Assassination

Bullet-proof limos are quite the new development in the long history of these cars. They did not go into development or production until after the Kennedy assassination. President Reagan had a bullet-proof limo at the time of his assassination attempt, which is why the shooter waited until Reagan got out of the limo before attempting to shoot the President. Now nearly every wealthy individual and government official has a bullet-proof limo or bullet-proof car in which to ride.

Different Models of Expensive Vehicles Have Been Turned into Limos

Some of the world's most expensive vehicles have been revamped and crossed with stretch and super-stretch limos. The results are a Hum-V super stretch limo and a Cadillac stretch limo. Manufacturers have explored the possibility of transforming sports cars and other luxury vehicles into limos too.

Limos Have Become Touring Cars

If you can afford some of the bi-coastal wine tours that are available, you will find that your transportation comes in the form of a limo. While you may not want to rent a limo to cross the vastness of the nation, you can still ride in one during the duration of a multi-vineyard tour in California, New Hampshire or Vermont. The limo has become a touring car, and one which fits nicely into luxury touring packages.