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Addressing Your Questions About Short-Term Moorage Services

by Lloyd Pearson

Using your boat as a means to travel can be a relaxing and enjoyable way of getting to your destination. However, you will need somewhere to store your boat when you arrive, and to this end, there are temporary moorage services that you can use. If you have only recently started considering traveling in your boat, you may benefit from having a couple of questions answered about temporary moorage services.

Should You Opt For Covered Moorage?

Covered moorage is considerably more expensive than uncovered, and there are some people that will attempt to save money by declining this option. However, this can prove to be a serious mistake if you will be staying in your boat throughout your stay. Stormy weather can be extremely uncomfortable if your boat is not sheltered, and this alone may make the added expense more than worth it. 

Additionally, you should consider this option if the area where you are traveling has drastically different weather than where you normally boat. There is a chance that your boat may not be fully prepared for the weather conditions, and keeping it in covered moorage can help protect it from suffering damage due to being improperly prepared for the weather. 

What Services May Be Included With The Moorage Fee?

When you are choosing a moorage provider, you should carefully consider the various amenities that might be included. For example, there are some providers that will offer you storage spaces and electricity at no additional cost. Conversely, there are others where you will be expected to pay separately for everything your boat requires including water and sewage services. Not surprisingly, this can quickly become very expensive. 

To ensure that you are choosing the right moorage service for your needs, you should consult with several providers like South Park Marina to determine which ones have the amenities that you require. This may seem like a time-consuming process, but moorage providers can easily provide you with this information when you contact them to determine if they have spaces available when you need them. While you may need to stay slightly further away from your desired destination to find the right moorage service, the savings can be more than worth this minor inconvenience. 

Choosing a moorage service for when you are traveling can seem like a daunting challenge for those undertaking their first long boating trip. However, understanding the benefits of choosing covered moorage and the importance of carefully considering the amenities included with the fee will make you a better-informed consumer when you are making this choice.