Your Guide For Traveling Near and Far

Make Your Summer Stay In A Foreign Country Stress-Free

by Lloyd Pearson

Are you a lucky traveler who gets to take an extended summer vacation? Whether you're flying south of the border to Mexico, going north to Canada, or flying overseas many miles away, here are some ideas to consider to make your travels easier.

Do Your Homework - Find out about the weather where you are headed. For example, if you go to Chile in the summertime, you'll need warm clothes for the chilly temperatures you'll experience. Do you require a special diet or special medications? If so, find out if you'll be able to obtain those in your new location or if you'll need to take enough from home to last the entire summer. If your children are picky eaters, it's a good idea to introduce them to some of the foods that they'll be eating while in a foreign country. Find out about foreign customs and accepted behavior where you are headed. 

Pack Smart - This might be a good time to leave valuable jewelry at home. If you like to embellish your wardrobe with glitter, consider taking costume jewelry instead of the real thing. It's a very good idea to take copies of all of your important documents. Make copies of your passport, your credit cards, identification cards, and any other pertinent papers, and keep a copy in each of the suitcases, in your carry-on bags and even on your person. Also, indicate individuals who should be notified in case of an emergency.

Consider Airport Parking - It's obvious that many people have someone who can drive them to the airport. However, if you're not one of those individuals, or if you just prefer to do your own thing, consider long term airport parking.

  • In many cases, you can actually book your parking space online. Online booking usually saves you quite a bit of money, especially if you do it way ahead of time. By booking online, you're sure to have your space guaranteed.
  • Whether you book ahead of time or not, be familiar with the terminal so that you can park your car as close to your flight as possible.
  • Airport parking is very safe. Not only are there electronic devices that monitor the entire area twenty-four hours a day, but there are usually security guards, too.
  • Upon your return, it will be great to know that your own car is awaiting you to take you home.

Congratulations on planning early to have stress-free traveling.